We will open the Maplewood Swim Club for weekends starting Memorial Day Weekend
(May 29, 2021).  We will open full time, every day starting Saturday, June 13, 2021.  Our daily hours for the 2021 summer season will be 12:30 pm to 8 pm.  Our Dues structure for the 2021 summer season has been determined and published on the Maplewood website, or click here. These annual dues are necessary to meet the operating cost of our Club. Please pay your 2021 summer membership fees on or before April 30, 2021.

With that in mind we are opening our online registration system for the 2021 summer season on April 1st.  Click “
Member login” where you will be redirected to the registration software page. With this software (starting April 1, 2021), you will be able to register for 2021, purchase or make payments on a bond, purchase guest passes, and much more. As in prior years, you may purchase guest passes before April 30, 2021 at a discount. You will not receive new fobs unless you are adding an individual who was not registered last year. Any new fobs will be waiting for you at the front gate. Just like last year you will scan your fobs to enter the club to swim.

Haven’t joined us in a few years? New to Maplewood? You can register!  Please follow the instructions below to get started if you DID NOT swim in 2020:
1.    Click “
Member Login
2.    Select "Click Here to Register” and follow the prompts
Remember to scroll through the entire list to locate your appropriate membership level. Bonded Memberships are listed first. The second list is for 1st time Non-Bonded Memberships and the third list is for returning Non-Bonded Members.

A few things to note if you DID swim in 2020:
1. Sign in to your existing account .
2. If you have an account balance, the amount can be viewed in the "Account Balance"
​section of your profile. Any remaining guest passes can be found in “Membership Details”
3.    You may change your head of household!
4.    Please be sure to update your profile! We'll need to know who is swimming!

Please feel free to direct any questions to Bernadette Anderson at
Looking forward to seeing you all at the pool!

Bernadette Anderson
Membership, Maplewood Swim Club
office: 215-357-1413 (during normal season business hours)
cell: 215-255-5232


1169 Rozel Avenue, PO Box 125, 
​Southampton, PA 18966

Maplewood Swim Club is a member-owned, outdoor swim club in Upper Southampton, PA. It
​is a nice place for families to relax and enjoy the summer with their friends and families.  If you haven't been to the Club before,  we encourage you to visit the Club during normal hours
.  No appointment is needed.  Ask for the Manager on duty and indicate that you want to take a tour.  The Club is at 1169 Rozel Ave in Southampton, or call 215-357-1413 for directions.  You can
email ​for more information or questions. 

Our dues and rates are available on box at the top right of this page, by emailing

Becoming a Member of Maplewood Swim Club

Maplewood Swim Club is a bonded club. That means each member owns a share of the club. We limit our membership to 350 bondholders, so each of us owns 1/350th of the club.  The cost of the bond is $400.00, and the club offers three different options of payment. You can, of course, pay the bond in full upon joining. Your second option would be to make two payments of $225.00 with the first payment due upon joining, and the second payment due the following February. Your third option is to make four payments of $125.00 each. The first payment of $125.00 would be due upon joining, and each subsequent payment would be due in February of each of the remaining three years. If you choose to pay out your bond, and additional $25.00 is added to each payment.  Should you decide not to return for an ensuing year , you forfeit any partial bond payments. Also, you are not a Voting Member until your bond is paid in full.

At this time, we are also offering non-bonded membership to new members only. If your bond is paid in full and you decide to leave the club, you will received a refund of $300.00 once your bond is resold. You can surrender your bond to the club to resell, which is done on a first come, first serve basis or you can recruit a new bondholder, at which time our refund will be taken from the proceeds of their payment.

Each bondholder pays membership dues yearly, depending on the number of family members. When applying to our swim club , you must include all family members living in your household.

We also have Guest passes available throughout the summer.

For additional information, please contact

EARN a Reward!  When you refer a new member to the Club, and the new member fulfills their dues, the Club will give $50.00 in guest fees to you. Please remind the new applicant to list your name on the application.


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